Gifts for Vinyl Lovers at Lagniappe Records

311-B Jefferson Street, Lafayette, LA  70501


According to Merriam-Webster, “Lagniappe” (pronounced “lan yap”) means, “A small gift given to a customer by a merchant at the time of purchase” or “Something given or obtained gratuitously by way of good measure.” Make no mistake, the description fits Lagniappe Records, Lafayette’s vintage record store, to a tee.

Owned and operated by husband-and-wife team Patrick Hodgkins and Tess Brunet, Lagniappe is the vinyl lover’s perfect find. Whether you are buying, selling, or trading, this is where you want to go. With extensive stock (including vinyl records and the equipment to play them), scrupulous organization of said stock, and an airy, modern-feeling retail space (not typical for used record stores), Lagniappe Records is indeed, a gift to vinyl aficionados.

Hodgkins and Brunet started Lagniappe about nine years ago in Baton Rouge. Brunet had spent the previous decade on the road with various bands and decided it was time to get off the tour bus for good. Needing a job, Brunet created her own. With Hodgkins in tow (he was the bass player), Lagniappe Records was born.

Starting with their own extensive record collections, the pair worked to curate an inventory that met the broad range in taste of vinyl enthusiasts. Leaning on their comprehensive music knowledge, Brunet and Hodgkins made Lagniappe the go-to destination for the community’s vintage record needs. Here, you could find swamp pop (a combination of rhythm and blues, country, and traditional French Louisianan music from the 1950s), roots music (a blend of early 20th-century folk and Americana music), and holiday standards, not to mention Def Leppard’s chef d’oeuvre, “Hysteria.”

After struggling with leaky ceilings and overall poor rent terms in their Baton Rouge location, Brunet and Hodgkins relocated Lagniappe Records farther west to Lafayette, where they have made their home for the last six years. The Lafayette space was newly renovated with high ceilings and a clean, fresh feel — perfect for a fresh approach to selling old records.

Brunet prides herself on maintaining a strict and consistent record-grading standard for all Lagniappe’s vinyl transactions. For a pre-owned record to be classified as “near-mint” (i.e. it looks and sounds perfect), it has to look and sound well, pretty darn perfect. When used record store owners get sloppy (or even misrepresent) a used record’s condition, word gets around. Brunet and Hodgkins understand that their reputation is only as good as their last sale, and work to maintain their brand, in part, on this strict classification system.

In addition to running the store, Brunet and Hodgkins regularly host musical events at Lagniappe, such as listening parties and band performances, and, it appears, are dipping a toe back in the music industry with a Lagniappe record label. Now you can record your latest single (on vinyl, of course) with Lagniappe Records as well.

Visit Lagniappe Records online for more information (and a full selection of merch).