Get to Know, I Know Science Toy Store & Sci-Lab

Gabriella Brown (center) knows science, (Source:

Gabriela Brown is a big thinker. The mom and businesswoman is the brains behind “I Know Science,” (aka IKS) a multi-functional “shop-and-learn” concept designed to inspire kids’ love of science from preschool through middle school. Conceived and built just south of Miami in Pembroke Pines, IKS recently opened a second location in Coral Gables. And yes, it’s a toy store, but one that Einstein would’ve loved to tool around in. And it’s so much more – IKS offers weekly after-school labs, science camps, even science-themed birthday parties. They also support local schools with their science programs via in-house field trips and mobile labs.

Sound dull and nerdish? No way, says Brown. Science is about exploration, experimentation, and discovery. Trying new things is what being a growing kid is all about. Make science about exercising curiosity and creativity and they’ll learn in spite of themselves. Most importantly, they’ll have a metric ton’s worth of fun doing it.

Each IKS location (there are two) is set up with two sections: a specialty toy store and science lab. The store is chock-full of science-y toys, games, and experiments that every latent Marie Curie would enjoy. For instance: Aftershock Earthquake Lab. Build a simple structure and test its durability with a tabletop earthquake simulator. Kids can also try playing with Coding Critters — cute-ish, interactive dino-like “pets” that introduce coding principles to preschoolers with no screens. Bonus: the Rainbow Gummy Candy Lab, which frankly, needs no explanation. All merch is available online, as well.

The onsite science lab hosts even more of the fun stuff: labs, camps, and birthday parties. Supervised by a team of enthusiastic university students, after-school labs and camps are built around a specific, hands-on, age-appropriate curriculum that includes biology, chemistry, environmental science, zoology, engineering, robotics, and programming topics, just to name a few. Do you aim to parent the next Elon Musk? Get that kid a supercapacitor.

Science is a party. (Source:
Science is a party. (Source:

And while you might think it’s a stretch to mention “science” in the same breath as “birthday party,” think again. Aside from the usual swag (decorations, music, goodie bags, and food), an IKS party includes a live chemistry demonstration and a handful of exciting experiments all led by the very science-happy IKS lab instructors (relax, Mom, you don’t have to do it). The goal is scientific engagement and fun; when the kids get elbow-deep in blue slime (feel free to request this one), there’ll be plenty of both to go around. Oh yes, and perhaps equally as important, the IKS team cleans up (whew).

For information on store hours, after-school labs, summer and vacation camps, and birthday parties, visit I know Science online or stop in to one of their two locations.